On tonight's show Michael speaks on "Lifeboat" building, Iraq, Ham Radios and reads a story about people who grew there own organic gardens and listen to what happen.

Michael speaks about Rupert Murdoch, the Michigan police dropping charges on women who grew organic food in her front yard and the Dow Jones.

Mike's guest is Carolyn Baker, PhD. Together they discuss mentally and spiritually dealing with collapse, the staggering global economy, and ways corporations are fudging their quarterly earnings reports in the wake of the Japanese disaster. "It's bad now, and it's gonna get way worse." -Carolyn Baker, PhD.

Mike asks listeners for fundraising help for the care of New White Trash bandmate Doug Lewis as Doug continues his long battle with cancer. Mike answers listener questions and discusses the implications of the Rawesome Foods Raid and the Kelly Thomas beating in Los Angeles. The big question: is the US gov't trying to instigate civil unrest?

Mike enjoys a break from the usual barrage of criticism as the global market collapse which he predicted in early April begins. Mike takes a number of listener questions, many dealing with the nuts and bolts of Lifeboat building. Guest was supposed to be Peter Charles Downey of Australia but there were problems patching the international call through.

Mike welcomes Peter Joseph of The Zeitgeist Movement to the show. They discuss humanity's current predicament, what we can do about it, and the importance of working together while implementing the best possible future for as many people as possible.

Carolyn Baker guest hosts while Mike is speaking in Portland, OR. Carolyn's guest is Robert Wagner, VT Senate candidate.

Mike welcomes Carolyn Stayton and Trathen Heckman of Transition US to discuss the predicament humanity finds itself in and the importance of rapidly deployed collaboration of like-minded individuals and organizations.

Mike answers listener questions regarding the accelerating economic collapse, big budget disinformation, sailing, and more. Mike also featured the excellent song "Wanderer" by Metaphorest.

Mike discusses the incineration of radioactive debris at Fukushima, the accelerating collapse of the global economy, and the #OccupyTogether protests sweeping the continent.

Mike discusses Occupy Wall Street and the 99% Movement with one of it's main organizers, David DeGraw of NYC's AmpedStatus.com.

MCR's guest is Charles Eisenstein, brilliant author of the book Sacred Economics.  They discuss the rapidly growing global Occupy Movement, the ongoing collapse of infinite growth economics, and designing the next economic paradigm.

Mike discusses Occupy Wall Street, the viral Shamar Thomas video, the coordinated collapse of the global economy which we can expect in the very near future, and answers a number of timely listener questions.  No guest this week: next week (10/30) Mike will be joined (again!) by Charles Eisenstein, author of Sacred Economics.

Mike welcomes Charles Eisenstein back to the Lifeboat Hour for another great interview.  They discuss the Occupy Movement, Transition Economics, and the accelerating Collapse of the Infinite Growth paradigm.  Mike also shares insights from his overnight at Occupy Santa Rosa on Saturday 10/29.  Santa Rosa PD had planned to raid the encampment that evening, so Mike joined the ranks to help deter them.  Fortunately, such a strong show of support turned out that the raid was called off Saturday afternoon.

Mike discusses the ongoing EU Collapse, the Occupy Movement, building tensions around the globe, and all the talk of war with Iran coming from Washington and Israel.  Mike also touches on the recent spate of DDOS attacks against CollapseNet and transitioning CollapseNet to survive despite a crumbling global economy where similar online services like NetFlix are losing hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

Mike's guest is Carolyn Baker, author of "Navigating the Coming Chaos" and regular CollapseNet contributor.  They discuss the growing Occupations around the country, the recent police crackdown in places like Oakland, Portland, and SLC, and the mainstream media's misrepresentation of the Occupy Movement.  They discuss the tribal and spiritual aspects of the Movement and how it is serving as a peaceful tool for transformation as collapse makes that transition inevitable.

Mike had no guest this week, but welcomed many callers and fielded a great number of listener questions.  The main topic of the evening was the evolving Occupy Movement, the UC Davis pepper spraying incident, and the accelerating collapse of the global economy.

Mike discusses the crackdown on Occupy and warns listeners that the upcoming week could fundamentally change life as we know it.  With the economic collapse in Europe coming to a head while tensions heighten in the Middle East, it is apparent that systemic breakdown is upon us.  Listener emails and calls filled the remainder of the show with great dialogue on a number of pressing issues.

Guest: Michel Chossudovsky

Iran updates – Oil embargo dead in water. Joint U.S./Israeli exercises postponed. Add U.S. Will Not enforce No-Fly Zone (Zero Hedge)

Big problems though with blossoming sectarian civil war in Iraq, instability on Saudi Arabia, Taliban ascendancy in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Sacred Demise and Navigating the Coming Chaos


Oakland Police and Media Crimes

People bending broken rules.

Arrest of Gasland Director – Josh Fox Arrested in Congress

Mike talks about Andrew Breitbart going berserk Greece, Occupy

and more…

On the menu tonight:

The Saudis re-open Damman

Ron Paul wins Maine!....

Mike speaks about environmental activist and book writer Derrick Jensen author of

“A New Declaration”

Guest- Dmitry Orlov:

Russian-American engineer and a writer on subjects related to "potential economic, ecological and political decline and collapse in the United States," something he has called “permanent crisis”.Orlov believes collapse will be the result of huge military budgets, government deficits, an unresponsive political system and declining oil production.

I’m talking to my old friends tonight.

The Lifeboat Hour
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