Guest Richard Heinberg, Senior Fellow at The Post Carbon Institute in Santa Rosa. Richard is an old and cherished friend. We have walked together for more than a decade on the road of Peak Oil and Peak Resources.

Richard is the author of many books who has spoken all over the world to a wide section of audiences, including Prince Charles. He is a supremely accomplished and modest man. No matter what you thought you knew about Rich, there are many amazing things about him that you have probably never heard before, but you will tonight.

His latest book “Snake Oil” pulls no punches about the dangers – and the economic folly – of fracking. But we are going much deeper than that as elders, looking back on more than ten years of telling people about the world we live in today.

We will pay tribute to those we have walked with, those who taught us, some of whom are no longer with us We will share from our hearts in these poignant moments as industrialized civilization continues it accelerating march towards into history.

The Lifeboat Hour
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