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Mike discusses the crackdown on Occupy and warns listeners that the upcoming week could fundamentally change life as we know it.  With the economic collapse in Europe coming to a head while tensions heighten in the Middle East, it is apparent that systemic breakdown is upon us.  Listener emails and calls filled the remainder of the show with great dialogue on a number of pressing issues.

Mike had no guest this week, but welcomed many callers and fielded a great number of listener questions.  The main topic of the evening was the evolving Occupy Movement, the UC Davis pepper spraying incident, and the accelerating collapse of the global economy.

Mike's guest is Carolyn Baker, author of "Navigating the Coming Chaos" and regular CollapseNet contributor.  They discuss the growing Occupations around the country, the recent police crackdown in places like Oakland, Portland, and SLC, and the mainstream media's misrepresentation of the Occupy Movement.  They discuss the tribal and spiritual aspects of the Movement and how it is serving as a peaceful tool for transformation as collapse makes that transition inevitable.

Mike discusses the ongoing EU Collapse, the Occupy Movement, building tensions around the globe, and all the talk of war with Iran coming from Washington and Israel.  Mike also touches on the recent spate of DDOS attacks against CollapseNet and transitioning CollapseNet to survive despite a crumbling global economy where similar online services like NetFlix are losing hundreds of thousands of subscribers.

The Lifeboat Hour
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