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Mike welcomes Charles Eisenstein back to the Lifeboat Hour for another great interview.  They discuss the Occupy Movement, Transition Economics, and the accelerating Collapse of the Infinite Growth paradigm.  Mike also shares insights from his overnight at Occupy Santa Rosa on Saturday 10/29.  Santa Rosa PD had planned to raid the encampment that evening, so Mike joined the ranks to help deter them.  Fortunately, such a strong show of support turned out that the raid was called off Saturday afternoon.

Mike discusses Occupy Wall Street, the viral Shamar Thomas video, the coordinated collapse of the global economy which we can expect in the very near future, and answers a number of timely listener questions.  No guest this week: next week (10/30) Mike will be joined (again!) by Charles Eisenstein, author of Sacred Economics.

MCR's guest is Charles Eisenstein, brilliant author of the book Sacred Economics.  They discuss the rapidly growing global Occupy Movement, the ongoing collapse of infinite growth economics, and designing the next economic paradigm.

Mike discusses Occupy Wall Street and the 99% Movement with one of it's main organizers, David DeGraw of NYC's

Mike discusses the incineration of radioactive debris at Fukushima, the accelerating collapse of the global economy, and the #OccupyTogether protests sweeping the continent.

The Lifeboat Hour
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