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Mike asks listeners for fundraising help for the care of New White Trash bandmate Doug Lewis as Doug continues his long battle with cancer. Mike answers listener questions and discusses the implications of the Rawesome Foods Raid and the Kelly Thomas beating in Los Angeles. The big question: is the US gov't trying to instigate civil unrest?

Mike's guest is Carolyn Baker, PhD. Together they discuss mentally and spiritually dealing with collapse, the staggering global economy, and ways corporations are fudging their quarterly earnings reports in the wake of the Japanese disaster. "It's bad now, and it's gonna get way worse." -Carolyn Baker, PhD.

Michael speaks about Rupert Murdoch, the Michigan police dropping charges on women who grew organic food in her front yard and the Dow Jones.

On tonight's show Michael speaks on "Lifeboat" building, Iraq, Ham Radios and reads a story about people who grew there own organic gardens and listen to what happen.

The Lifeboat Hour
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