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Carolyn's team producer, Peter Melton, joins her for a conversation about the COP21 Paris Climate Conference along with a discussion of Carolyn's California tour beginning October 23.

Carolyn talks with authors, storytellers, and ritualists Barry and Maya Spector about their annual grief ritual and Barry's book, "Madness At The Gates Of The City: The Myth of American Innocence."

Author and psychotherapist Jed Diamond and Carolyn discuss his new book "The Power of Two"--- how couples working together can help us heal from industrial civilization and make life easier for our descendants.

Carolyn and one of her team members, author Dean Spillane Walker, discuss the question: Who do we want to be in a time of chaos and extinction? 

Jennifer Hynes returns to the show to talk about her second piece of monumental climate research "The Demise of The Arctic"

9/11 Special: Jenna Orkin discusses Mike Ruppert's "Crossing The Rubicon" and talks about the environmental devastation that occurred on 9/11 and persists to this day.

Richard Heinberg and Carolyn discuss the collapse of the economy and the oil industry in 2015.

Stephen Jenkinson and Carolyn discuss grief, his new book Dying Wise, and the deeper meaning of the word "catastrophe."

My guest Peter Melton and I discuss how we know what we know and still live life with peace, passion, and purpose and keep our hearts open.

Carolyn and New Zealand activist Kevin Hester discuss climate chaos and recent concessions made by leading climate scientists regarding the severity of our predicament

The Lifeboat Hour
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