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 Interviewing guest Francis Weller on how to cope and deal with grief; in context to Michael Ruppert's death.

Tonight, Carolyn Baker will celebrate the memory of our host PRNs "Michael C. Ruppert."

We will be joined by Carolyn Bakerfor the full show and by Mimi German of Radcast for about ten minutes. Then we want your calls.  Everywhere on this planet right now the warriors leading the way to a new consciousness are feeling the heat. My trip to Seattle was an ass kicker. Perhaps most of us who have been leading are feeling it most intensely. But if it's been that rough for us it must have been the same for all of us.  Let's bring the tribe together and lift each other. We'd love to hear the stalwarts from this page call in. Let's get tighter.

Mike goes solo tonight backed up by John Trudell and Terrence McKenna with some of the most profound spiritual insights he has ever received. The times are a changing and it's not all bad.

The Lifeboat Hour
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