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In an exciting show as The Lifeboat hour evolves, Mike introduces the music of Tami Gosnell and tells an amazing Capra-like tale of how living from the heart can lead to singing in front of thousands of people at the Ron Paul Festival in Tampa just before the Republican convention. He cites compelling evidence that a human shift to heart consciousness (The Hundredth Monkey) is is full swing and there is reason to be hopeful.

In a special edition without commercial interruption, Mike Ruppert discloses and discusses his long-held conviction that a spiritual approach is the only remaining viable option for mankind and his conviction that ancient indigenous prophecies are right on the money. For the first time ever, since human global crises became insoluble with our current consciousness, Mike adds his voice to the many voices now firmly convinced that a spiritual and extraterrestrial intervention is underway to help our planet evolve and heal. In doing that he talks about major personal healings that have come to him recently though people like Gregg Braden and the shaman known as Little Grandmother.

The Lifeboat Hour
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